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Hooks and Materials

All of my flags and hooks I spin are all tied on high quality tested hooks and components.  If you have a preference, let me know and I can meet your choice of hook and size.

DRessed Hooks

All dressed hooks are tied on VMC 9171PS Open eye Hooks 

Commonly used hook sizes:

3/0 - small darters, needles or plugs under 1oz

4/0 - small darters, needles or any 1oz plugs

5/0 and 6/0 - good match for plugs 2 ounces and up


All flags are tied on .031" diameter stainless steel looped wire.  each flag is cut to 3" (or shorter) in length and can be attached to the plug/lure with a split ring.


  • Northeastern Bucktail, saddle strung feathers,  flashabou

Available colors

  • white, yellow, black, blue, chartreuse

** I can also make custom tied hooks and flags  (based on available materials)

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